Rock the day with the best soundbars of 2020

We know you love your wafer-thin TV which sits in your living room, adding to its aesthetics. Maybe you have splurged & got yourself a top-of-the-line model and the colors & definition are spots on! You have never seen such beautiful pictures while binge-watching Netflix but there’s something missing!

For you to enjoy a completely immersive viewing experience, you just don’t need stellar visuals, you also need superb audio too! As there is no point of having a gorgeous TV when the acoustics are just average! Do you know who’s the real culprit behind this injustice? The sleek design that makes your TV stick to the wall beautifully! As with a compact design, there is very little space for a good speaker.

But there’s one solution to enhance your TV’s sound quality: home theatre speakers! We have curated a list of some of the best soundbars of 2020 which will instantly add that desired cinematic effect to your TV:

Rock the day with the best soundbars of 2020

1. Aavante Bar 1500

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This makes your home entertainment to a whole new level! It doesn’t matter what you are going to watch, be it music, movies, news, or shows, it brings life to every aspect of it and lets you experience a whole new level of cinematic sound. All thanks to the remote-controlled multiple eq modes. It also comes with a powerful 120W total output and a versatile 2-way 60W subwoofer to fill in the rumbling lows.

The 2.1 channel sound system provides a balanced bass and superior sound that creates an optimum environment to enjoy your favorites! In addition to that, in order to give you the clearest audio experience,  the high-end equalizer technology optimizes the sound output! On top of all of this, it also allows you multiple connectivity methods like USB, Optical, AUX, HDMI, and Bluetooth, making it extremely easy to install! Now you might be thinking, all these superb features are great, but how does it look? Will it go with the aesthetics of my room? Then worry not! You can count on this Bluetooth home theatre’s sleek & stylish body to enhance the beauty of your room!

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Rock the day with the best soundbars of 2020

2. JBL Cinema SB261

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If you are looking for a home theatre speaker that is wireless and delivers a sound output with extra bass then this affordable model will fit you perfectly, it provides a powerful output of 220W, with additional focus on delivering deep bass! Furthermore, it also supports Dolby Audio, which can make your listening experience clear and rich! When it comes to connectivity, the soundbar has an HDMI arc and an optical arc to give you options to choose from. However, you can place the wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room, at your convenience! This also allows wireless streaming of music over bluetooth!

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Rock the day with the best soundbars of 2020

3. Blaupunkt SBW100 120 Watts

Powerful sound in a European body – this home theatre is designed to add to the overall ambiance of your room and give your TV that much needed audio enhancement! Experience the thumping power of 120W sound when you pair this up with your TV. The smooth & clear sound is absolutely delightful! It also comes with perfectly tuned preset modes that you can choose from to enjoy watching different entertainment kinds.

For example, you can choose the movie mode when in the mood for a movie night or switch to the news mode when you want to update yourself about the happenings worldwide! All you need to do is click a button on the remote. This also comes with multiple connectivity options like AUX, HDMI, Bluetooth, and USB.

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Rock the day with the best soundbars of 2020

4. Aavante Bar 2050

Take your home entertainment experience to a whole new level with this super stylish home theatre speaker!  Its 2.1 channel captivating sound takes you to an alternate dimension where you hear everything clear and crisp! The 80W wireless subwoofer delivers boAt’s signature sound that speaks volumes!

There is an air of sophistication about this soundbar and the sleek body adds class to your set up! You can control your playback via easy operational controls and a master control device. You can connect your devices via wired or non-wired mediums like AUX, USB, HDMI, or Bluetooth V5.0! It also comes with various eq modes like news, movies, music, and 3D for an enhanced viewing experience!

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Rock the day with the best soundbars of 2020

5. Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

This one features a 160W peak power output that thumps out a sound that is deep in bass and high on quality! Accompanied by a wireless subwoofer, this is ideal for pumping out supersonic sound from anywhere you wish to place it! In addition to that, you can connect this via multiple modes like AUX, optical or USB! The multi-functional remote allows you to customize your viewing experience without even moving from your comfy spot!

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Aren’t you already impressed by this list of best home theatres 2020? Well then, get shopping! As thanks to the holiday season, most of us are sitting at home, watching News, Shows or Movies in our living rooms. So you should not be wasting any more time getting these right away!

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