AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors make new sales record

The Red team made its revolutionary Ryzen 5000 series processors based on Zen 3 architecture available on November 5 and since then it seems the company is not stopping yet. The sales of these CPUs seems to be amazing as per the retailers from various countries.

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As pointed out by Techradar, as soon as these processors went live, they were all sold out, while some retailers out there have ended up breaking sales records as well.

As per Scan, a UK retailer, “Demand was extremely high and the launch stock we had sold through extremely quickly making it the fastest selling CPU launch we have ever seen,” and that this was “echoed across all of the launch retailers.”

As pointed out by Hassan Mujtaba from Wccftech, even the major German outlet Mindfactory have seen huge response from fans – thousands of CPU have been sold in an instant and inventory exhausted in 2 hours!! This kind of sales is quite expected when you provide great leap in gaming as well as multi-threaded workloads in a single generational uplift.

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Even those who have never opted for AMD because of its gaming performance will now opt for AMD as even the budget Ryzen 5 5600X gives a comparable gaming performance to that of Intel’s latest flagship Core i9-10900K. We only hope AMD does not screw up with the stocks, else this can be a great season for holiday shopppers.

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