Apple’s ARM-based MacBook’s will reportedly not have apps from some significant developers for a while

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Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event will be held soon, and we’re expecting to see two Apple Silicon Macs; the 13-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The company already stated that it’s Apple Silicon Macs will be able to run any iOS app. The announcement is one heck of a selling point for customers. However, it will only be a reality if developers decide to make them available.

According to sources, some major iOS app developers have decided not to offer their Mac Apple Store apps. It seems that they are against the future Apple Silicon Macs. The developers include Google, who has chosen not to provide significant apps, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Maps, and Gmail. Sources also claim that Facebook will follow the same route as Google, and will not offer apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and even its social network on Apple Silicon Macs.

However, not every developer is following the same route. Digital streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ will still be found on the Mac App Store. Snapchat will also provide its app for the new MacBooks.

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The app store will include the apps in it, but the app will not have a download option for those on apple silicon macs. The possibility that significant app developers aren’t bringing their programs to the Apple Silicon Mac is exceptionally high. However, sources claim that the unavailability is because all these app developers optimize their services for the new platform device.

The developers are reportedly improving the UX of their services and will then launch their apps for Apple Silicon Macs and claims sources. For further details, we have to wait for Apple’s “One more thing” even to be completed.


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  1. Why do people always comment on stuff they have no clue about?

    Office 365 is in Beta ( for Mac Silicon ) and Adobe is on a good way and those are some of the most SIGNIFICANT pieces of software for Macs.

    That said, there are other applications that are ALREADY running natively and their significance varies from user to user depending on their use cases.

    Last but not least there is Rosetta-2 and it works seemlessly, means all my apps that are still Intel rund smoothly and except Whatsapp that I won’t run in the background don’t impact battery and CPU excessively.

    Whatsapp is matter of factly the only app with a larg user base I observ to be in the battery consuming side, not so much on the CPU-Hogging side but then I’m not speaking about 20-30% less battery life, i’m just observing that this app is permanently among the top ten battery consumers in activity monitor’s “Energy” Tab.

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