Square Enix announced its final quarter revenue of 2020

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We have seen all the major companies release their financial year earnings for the year 2020. Due to the current pandemic, the tech industry has seen drastic changes in their growth. With most of the companies gaining better than expected, the tech market has seen an excessive increase in their profits.

Now, Square Enix has released its financial data for quarter four of 2020. The game-developer reported a total of 31.7 billion yen (~US$307 million) in operating income. However, only about 16 billion yen (~$155 million) is reported as profit.

According to sources, the company’s mobile or browser-based games, including Dragon Quest Walk, War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Dragon Quest Tact, are responsible for the growth of the company. However, it is worth noting that these games are scheduled to be launched on Android and iOS worldwide by next year.

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The company also reported that its console and/or PC releases of many of its exclusive titles contributed more to its earnings. Square Enix claimed that Marvel’s Avengers game and Final Fantasy VII remake contributed to its net sales and final profits. Also, merchandising based on its characters and IP also was a driving factor in its operating income growth year-on-year.

The quarter four-year earnings of 2020 look extremely promising. But not everything was good news for the company in 2020. the company’s interests in public amusement arcades in  Japan suffered thanks to lockdown conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the company has suffered due to the pandemic in several ways. But the companies gaming division has been making several significant earnings. With the pandemic, the increase in digital gaming has increased. With the launch of next-gen consoles by Microsoft and Sony, the game developers will soon see more profits.

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