Samsung sends 100 employees to complete the OLED factory in India

On Thursday, Samsung informed that a team of a hundred employees is going to the land at Noida to set up the construction of its OLED production facility. The OLED factory is at Noida, Uttar Pradesh state.

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According to Korean media, the team will visit the factory, which is now under construction. After arriving in Delhi, they will go through the COVID-19 test and will be quarantined as per rules before visiting the factory. Samsung said that the team will install the necessary equipment in the factory.

It seems the lockdown has slowed down the manufacturing unit of Samsung. The Company started the construction of its OLED module factory early this year. But now Samsung wants to start its production as soon as possible. Currently, things are going to normal again and the company wants to start its OLED manufacturing unit in early 2021.

Samsung sends 100 employees to complete the OLED factory in

In recent years Samsung is a leading smartphone brand in India. Previously the company has hinted that it will shift a chunk of its smartphone production to India, which is a key in the ‘Make in India’ campaign. According to a report, for the new facility, Samsung could be investing $705 million.

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The Korean giants already have three OLED plants in China, nine in South Korea, and one in Vietnam. Samsung will be able to react faster to the local demands after starting the services of the OLED module factory in India.

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