Xiaomi is working on a new retractable telescopic camera technology

The innovative tech giant Xiaomi is going to unveil some new technology soon. This news is confirmed at Mi Developers Conference(MiDC) recently. According to the company, they are going to focus on the optical section and want to introduce a modified telescopic camera, which will be developed by the brand’s research and development team. Let’s elaborate on this topic deeply.

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According to the company officials, the upcoming new camera technology has a retractable design. The camera will also feature a periscopic lens, which can capable of achieving a 300% increase in light input which increases the light received by 300% which can provide a better night scene photography effect and as well as a 20% increment in clarity.

According to the Vice President of Xiaomi and President of the Mobile phone department, Zeng Xuezhong, Xiaomi is influenced by traditional cameras and independently developing new retractable technology.

The company also claimed that the upcoming new camera technology also features a new anti-shake technology, which provides better image stability. That is the purpose to increase the camera sharpness by 20%. So, the users can capture a clear shot and that is not affected even if the handshake at the time of the shot.

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A demo video has been provided by Weibo user @Xiao1u, according to this video the telescopic lens will retract into the phone at the time of not taking pictures, and it will automatically extend while taking pictures. The whole process responds very quickly.

But, Xiaomi has not revealed any information regarding the launching date of this new technology and it is unpredicted which mobile will be the first to utilize the mechanism. It is expected that the company will disclose all the queries regarding this topic soon, and we will give you all the updates.



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