Valve launches Playtest feature for early game testing

Cloud game-streaming seems to be the future of video games. The hardware limitations do not bind it, and one can play the games any time they want. One needs a decent internet connection and a subscription to various games.

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Steam by Valve is one of the very first cloud gaming services that introduced this feature to its users. Although steam games are not entirely cloud-oriented and still depends on the user’s hardware for performance. Nonetheless, the service is no less than a gem among stones.

Now the developers behind steam have added a new feature to their service. According to the quality, the game makers can now invite players to test their new games without access to a game’s beta key. They can do so by using the steam client itself. The feature is being called Steam Playtest and will allow interested testers to click a button in a game’s listing on the Steam store and request access and be added to a testers queue.

Developers will be able to see how many people have access to the test. Along with how many people have expressed interest and are waiting for access to the test. The feature will also inform developers as to how many people were manually invited to the test. When the developers decide to end a trial, the button to request access to it will be removed from the game’s Steam store page. Also, the game will be pulled from user libraries.

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However, it is worth remembering that Playtests aren’t intended to replace Steam Early Access. Steam also allows games to have a Playtest alongside its Early Access version. The Playtest feature is entirely free, and users won’t be charged for it. But the quality is still under beta version and may not be available for all users. However, since it is not fully developed, we can expect Valve to add more future features.


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