AMD’s EPYC Milan 7713 appears on SiSoftware benchmarks

Advanced Micro Devices is expected to start shipping its next-gen EPYC Milan before the end of this year. The CPU will be fully available by 2021. However, the un-availability is in no way stopping the next-gen EPYC Milan lineup from showing up in online benchmark databases. We already know that the EPYC 7713 is a behemoth with a 64-core chip; hence, the performance will be impressive.

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The CPU appeared on the SiSoftware database for the benchmark scores and sported the following details: 64C 128T 2.45GHz, 64x 512kB L2, 8x 32MB L3. However, the CPU appears to be an early engineering sample, and thus the market-ready variant will indeed have faster clocks. The EPYC 7713 is a high-speed CPU, and the results for its CPU Arithmetic tests outperform a quad Intel Xeon Platinum (Cascade Lake-SP) system. 

The CPU was compared with the dual EPYC 7742 Rome configurations, which had clock speeds of over 3.3 GHz. The EPYC 7713, however, had no problem coming out on top. However, the current top ranking on the benchmarking platform is currently held by four Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L processors. But they barely manage a 5 percent speed increase over the Zen 3-based EPYC Milan chipset. It means that the retail-ready variant of the CPU will be a killer.

AMD’s EPYC Milan lineup will be using an advanced seven nm-based process node. The CPU is mainly focused on improving the performance per watt. The chip promises to be pin-compatible with the SP3 socket and includes support for PCIe 4.0 and DDR4 memory RAM. Along with a decent TDP range of 120 to 225 Watt, the CPU will give intel’s high-end processors a run for their money.

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