Samsung has made a new Vizion 33D ToF sensor to track objects up to 5m distance, getting faster autofocus and video bokeh

Samsung has surfaced a newer technology that will provide accurate distance data and will help to get faster autofocus and video bokeh effect in its smartphones, named as the ISOCELL Vizion 33D is a Time of Flight (ToF) 3D sensor. This sensor will work to tp track object up to 5m or 16 ft distance at 120 frames per second with 10 or 12-bit resolution. That means the tracking will be of low latency. In terms of measuring the depth of the objects, this sensor can work with a 640 x 480-pixel resolution.

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If you are recording a video through a smartphone, it will help you to get faster autofocus and you will get a good video bokeh, courtesy to the ToF sensor. This technology also reduces cross talk between the pixels. This helps the sensor to separate the subject from the background entirely to get a decent bokeh effect.

As it is connected to the camera module of the smartphone, then the Vizion 33D sensor works for face ID detection as well. By this, your mobile payment apps security, phone unlocking will be very much stronger than before. That’s why you can locate this particular sensor just beside the selfie camera.

In terms of battery, if you use this sensor, it requires 200 mW of power for some common works. If you are doing continuous tracking, playing AR games or using video bokeh rendering, the power usage is even more, 400mW. So, draining is definitely there, but it not that much. As of now, Samsung has used this ToF sensor on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But it is confirmed that in the upcoming days, Samsung will add this sensor in the upcoming smartphones as well.

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