Aquox launches DIY Multi-Purpose and portable Disinfectant & Sanitizer Generator; priced at INR 3,999 & INR 1,599

  • Make your own chemical-free, non-toxic and natural Disinfectant + Sanitizer at home or even when you are travelling, using just Water + Salt + Vinegar + Electricity
  • 99.99% Sterilization & Kill rate – Kills Influenza & Noroviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Virus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Fungi, Yeast & Mold
  • Multi-Purpose: Use as a natural disinfectant, cleaner and sanitizer for surface, food and human contact
  • Portable – Make your own natural Disinfectant + Sanitizer on the Go in just 5 minutes, using just Tap Water + Salt + Vinegar + Electricity

India, November 5, 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive behavioural changes in human beings. It has brought them back to the basics of sanitisation and hygiene as they are the best bet to fight the harmful virus and bacteria. However, in this bid to mitigate the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, people are forced to use chemical-based disinfectants and cleaning products are being used every day & everywhere. This exposes us to toxic substances that can be highly dangerous to human health and to the environment.

While we may think that conventional disinfecting products containing chemicals like acid and alcohol are effective at removing bacteria and pathogens, there is absolutely no need to rely on harsh chemicals to clean and sanitize your home or your surroundings. Indian brand AQUOX is way ahead in promoting safe, natural and chemical-free sanitization practices whether at home or while travelling. After all, sanitisation is the new normal. Being 80 times stronger than conventional bleach-based disinfection & cleaning products, The brand has introduced two variants of modern and convenient Hypochlorous Acid-based Multipurpose Disinfectant + Cleaner + Sanitizer Generator that can eliminate hazardous chemicals as well as fight back bacteria and viruses efficiently in just 30 seconds.

Tested in Indian NABL Certified Lab for Biocode Efficacy that has been proven to effectively eliminating 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria & pathogens at 7 logs.

The AQ-DG 300 | Priced at Rs. 3,999

A 300 ml Multi-Purpose HOCI generator, ideal for household disinfection, cleaning and sanitization of hard & non-porous surfaces at home, such as floor, walls, bathroom, furniture, household appliances, kitchen spaces, tableware, bathroom, electronic gadgets, personal care products, cars and much more. Use AQUOX 300ml DG as a Hand Sanitizer, Deodorizer and air purifier to remove bad odour from bathrooms, cars, pet smell etc. Priced at Rs. 3999/- on amazon, this elegantly designed generator is built with an Ultra smooth spray nozzle that triggers uninterrupted spray with fine mist effect, allowing disinfection of larger areas quickly and easily. Features LED light display and one-button switch for easy operation, making it an ideal option for homes or small area disinfection and sanitization purposes.

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This AQUOX KIT comes with accessories worth Rs. 1500/-, which includes, a Generator, USB charging cable, Measuring Spoon Set, Efficacy testing kit and trigger spray bottles of 300ml and 100ml.

The AQ- DG 200 | Priced at Rs. 1,599

A portable HOCI generator that works with a power bank or any regular electric point. One can easily make Natural Disinfectant & Sanitizer anytime, anywhere using just Water + Salt + Vinegar + Electricity. Simply plug in the USB generator to any power point or power bank and get the solution ready in just 5 minutes. Use the Spray bottle with the kit to disinfect surfaces, door & handles, clothes, bags, personal-care items, gadgets, cars or any item while travelling and never run out of a sanitizer when you’re on the move.

Stay protected anywhere you go. The kit comes as a travel pouch that can be conveniently carried in car, offices, hotel, restaurants, airport, railway station or anywhere.

Comes with a travel pouch and with accessories worth Rs. 1000/- which includes a USB cable generator, measuring spoon, bottles to carry salt & vinegar, Efficacy testing kit and trigger spray bottles of 200ml

Priced at Rs. 1599 on amazon, the solution can also be used as a deodoriser or air purifier to remove bad odour from cars, shoes, etc.

The ease of making the solution that is highly superior and safe from anywhere, this makes both AQUOX AQ-DG 300 and AQ-DG 200 extremely cost-effective and earth-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning products and toxic disinfectants. 

Both AQUOX AQ-DG 300and AQUOX AQ-DG 200 are 100% non-toxic, non-corrosive, environment-friendly, safe to use on any surface, human-friendly, kid & pet safe and food safe too. Running on the globally popular HOCl technology used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, baby products, sanitisation & industrial spaces, the generators powers through an electrochemical activation process, converting salt, vinegar and water into electrolyzed water using electricity, which during the process changes the chemical compound of the solution to produce HYPOCHLOROUS ACID, the same germ-killer human body’s immune system naturally produces. The effective & powerful disinfectant and sanitizer can eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses.

Speaking on the launch of the globally proven innovative kitchen solution, Mr. Jagdish Rajpurohit, President of AQUOX said, “Imagine your world free from harmful & toxic cleaning products and yet most effective in killing the deadly viruses & bacteria. The COVID 19 outbreak may have been creating havoc at present urging people to rely on disinfection and sanitisation for their personal safety, it has brought a new emphasis on hygiene, to fight bacteria and deadly viruses. Using multiple cleaning and sanitizing products on what we consume exposes us to their highly toxic and hazardous nature. While this virus will gradually get eliminated someday, using chemical-based cleaning solutions is going to negatively impact our health and lifestyle and the environment in the long run. We need a natural and effective, all-in-one solution. Our 300 ml disinfectant and sanitizer generator and the 200 ml portable are super convenient, aesthetically designed and completely natural & safe to use for families whether they are at home or stepping out to travel. Their multi-purpose nature makes them the most viable products for every household. Its multi-purpose nature makes it the most viable product for every household. Another major benefit of is that it is extremely cost-effective given the current scenario where every household, as well as a commercial organisation, is going to spend annually Rs. 20,000 – 25,000 on disinfectants, sanitizers and cleaning products.”

Backed by research & clinical studies

HOCl technology is an approved, natural disinfectant by WHO, DRDO, USFDA, US EPA, EU ECHA and other statutory bodies worldwide and has been backed by various research and clinical studies. It has also been proven to be in in the list of disinfectants that can be used against SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) virus and is also effective in killing bacteria, pathogens, germs, microorganisms, pesticides, yeast, mold, fungi, influenza & Noroviruses.

AQUOX is using the same technology to produce HOCl through its generators and offer a natural shield against deadly bacteria & viruses.


AQUOX is the Biochem division of CloudWalker Streaming Technologies & associate company of Chemical Process Equipment that has more than 50 years of experience in design, manufacturing of process equipment with application in varied industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, paper &pulp, food processing, water & wastewater, textile, metallurgical, mining, paints pigments & dyestuff, power plants. Recognised as industry leaders, their products are used widely in India and globally. Through its latest venture AQUOX, the group envisions to bring the power of making Hypochlorous Acid on demand for anyone concerned about using chemical-free, non-toxic, extremely efficient disinfectants for hospitals, factories, schools, offices, large societies with small to large equipment with zero effluents or hazards.

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