AMD’s Instinct MI100 to be launched on November 16th

AMD is releasing its next-generation CPUs and GPUs to tackle its biggest competitor Nvidia in the global market. The company is now gearing to unveil its next-generation CDNA GPU-based Instinct MI100 accelerator on November 16th. This information, however, comes from leaked documents according to sources.

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The AMD’s Instinct MI100 accelerator was earlier confirmed by the company’s CTO, Mark Papermaster, almost five months ago. Back then, it was stated that AMD would be introducing the cDNA based Instinct GPU by the second half of 2020. It seems that the company is staying true to its promise and is all set to launch the most powerful data center GPU it has ever built.

The company’s Radeon Instinct MI100 will utilize the CDNA architecture entirely different from the RDNA architecture. It has been specifically designed for the HPC segment and is rumoured to go against NVIDIA’s Ampere A100.

According to various sources, the Radeon Instinct MI100 ‘Arcturus’ GPU will have several variants. Several specifications have been leaked as of now.

  • Based on Arcturus GPUs (1st Gen cDNA)
  • Test Board has a TDP of 200W (Final variants ~300-350W)
  • Up To 32 GB HBM2e Memory
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AMD’s Radeon Instinct MI100, when pitted against the NVIDIA Volta V100 and the NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPU accelerators, performed well. As per the benchmark results, the Radeon Instinct MI100 delivered around 13% better FP32 performance than the Ampere A100 and gained over 2x performance increase against the Volta V100 GPUs.

AMD is gearing to tackle Nvidia in every way possible. The company’s third-quarter fiscal year earnings have already stated that the company is doing exceptionally well. As to how its new GPU architectures will perform against the competition remains to be seen.


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