Spotify is testing a new promotional feature

The Swedish media firm Spotify has been releasing quite a few updates recently. It comes in response to Apple making its Apple Music richer and readily available to its users. Spotify has been keen to establish itself as a first choice in music streaming.

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Now the company is trying out something new with its streaming service. Spotify is letting artists and label influence what the company’s algorithm promotes. The artists and labels will get the freedom to promote any music that they feel is important.

The feature will work like this: The artists will decide whether a track is essential, and then Spotify’s algorithm will consider this request. It will then build a radio session for the suggestion or put it in the user’s autoplay list whenever they enter it. This new feature will apply to any song, including the tracks that are new in the market. The part will also work for the artist who wants to put some extra work to promote their ways.

Charleton Lamb of Spotify stated, “We want to be able to provide tools that help our artists leverage those moments so that they can be more in control of their success on Spotify and more in charge of their careers.”

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In return for this feature, Spotify stated that it’d be paying artists a lower “promotional recording royalty rate.” However, that is when the songs promoted by the artists are played during autoplay or radio sessions. The rate paid to the artists is not made clear yet, because the feature is still in the testing phase. A spokesperson added that “the idea is for artist teams to be able to earn a positive ROI by using the tool,” also, the company would “calibrate to make sure that the widest group of artists and labels can find success.”

As to what the company’s new feature will cause, any difference with the app’s performance remains to be seen.


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