Snapdragon 875 gains 38% more in performance than its predecessors

Snapdragon 875 is the upcoming flagship processor from Qualcomm. The chipset has already been leaked on several benchmark platforms and is supposed to bring Qualcomm back into the semiconductor market. The company will be holding its annual tech summit on December 1st, and yet another leak has appeared on the internet. According to the latest information, the snapdragon 875 gains an increase of 38% than its predecessors.

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The processor reached an excellent score of almost 900,000, proving that the processor is not underestimated. The results have even surpassed the processor’s previous benchmark score, where it obtained an 847,868 score. The processor even crossed Apple’s A14 Bionic in terms of performance ratings.

According to sources, the fastest core on snapdragon 875 runs at the clock speed of 2.8 GHz. However, it is worth remembering that the Snapdragon 875 feature ARM’s Cortex-X1 super body. It might be the reason for the chipset scoring high results.

The snapdragon 875, when pitted against the company’s own Snapdragon 865 +, performed exceptionally well. Qualcomm’s fastest chipset, the 865+, achieved a score of 648,871 using the same benchmarking application. The Snapdragon 875 results, however, reached 899,401. The upcoming 5nm SoC from Qualcomm managed to achieve a 38% performance boost than all its previous products, and it is quite an achievement from Qualcomm.

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According to sources, Qualcomm will be pairing the Snapdragon 875 with Qualcomm’s 5nm Snapdragon X60 5G modem. However, the company has not made it clear if the baseband chip will be integrated into the chipset, or it will be needed to be purchased separately.

However, the leaks and rumours are painting the new SoC from Qualcomm to be a significant competitor against Apple’s A14 Bionic. It is good news considering Apple is the only company that is currently dominating the mobile processor market. And it seems unfair that no other processor even comes close to the current champion.


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