MediaTek Dimensity chipsets will power a bunch of upcoming Huawei smartphones

Like most other smartphone companies, Huawei is not different at all facing a great loss in the market for some Chinese issues. In fact, the US has also banned on making of any kind of chipsets by Huawei. That’s why the company can not make its own chipsets. As of now, a new report has come which tells that Huawei will soon announce a bunch of upcoming smartphones which will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity chipsets. Qualcomm can not make its statement on this issue as the company is still trying to get a trade license by which it can work with Huawei again.

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So, Huawei has decided to flow up the trade by making the deal with the MediaTek Dimensity chipsets. The report came just before September. As per that report, Huawei was looking to secure a big stock of Dimensity chipsets from MediaTek. If we check the revenue and net profit, both of them have increased over and over, which is almost 45% and 94% respectively. As the 5G connectivity is emerging and in the upcoming days this will be the ultimate one, the MediaTek Dimensity chipsets are looking to get an upper hand in the market.

In the earlier days, Huawei has also worked with MediaTek. But this time the partnership will be a complete one as Huawei is all set to use the MediaTek Dimensity chipsets not only in the high range phones but also in the mid-range ones. So, this is the ultimate thing right now that Huawei is going to use in a bunch of new upcoming smartphones.


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