LG’s ‘Project B’ Rollable Display smartphone surfaced in renders and nearing launch

After the LG Wing announcement, the company is focusing on an upcoming smartphone, and it seems to be a rollable one. In the next year, LG will put its focus mainly on two projects of them. One of those is Rainbow, whereas the other one is the B project. The first one is expected to be a classic flagship that is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2021. It is assumed to be a continuation of the V-series of LG. The next one will feature a rollable screen.

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The B-project is considered to make this rollable display for the users. It has an “out there” design in which a part of the screen will be rolled up for compactness but will be rolled out during use for larger screen sizes.

Credit: LetsGoDigital

Recently, a number of patents has been surfaced and it looks like that it pertains to Project B, that means a smartphone with a rollable display. It may not be the successor of the current LG Wing, it will be totally new one with a new design. The new document shows us that how LG is working with the flexible AMOLED to use it in the upcoming smartphone.

Credit: LetsGoDigital

From those reports, we’ve got an idea of how the upcoming rollable smartphone will work. It will allow the user to pull the display outward on either side. This tech will give the screen a variable-length if we compare it to its collapse mode.

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The company also indicates that display extensions can be put to different uses relative to the main screen contents. There could be a frame by frame view in the case of watching videos or switching between different camera views. As of now, the company has shown us only this amount of things. We hope in the upcoming days, things will get clearer to us.

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