Raspberry Pi 400 available at just $70

Raspberry Pi is famous, especially in the field of IoT. The company has been a leading manufacturer in the PC offering cutting edge technology and latest innovations. The company launched its Raspberry Pi 4 in June of last year, and the PC is said to be roughly forty times more potent than the original Raspberry Pi. Due to the pandemic, the work from home culture has increased. And hence the demand for Raspberry Pi 4 has also increased for working and studying.

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Raspberry Pi 400

The Pi 400 is a faster 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, which is integrated into a compact keyboard. The machine is priced at just $70 for the computer on its own or comes at $100 for a ready-to-go kit. It is an excellent choice if one is looking for an affordable PC for day-to-day use.

The Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit comprises of:

  • A Raspberry Pi 400 computer
  • Our official USB mouse
  • Our official USB-C power supply
  • An SD card with Raspberry Pi OS pre-installed
  • A micro HDMI to HDMI cable
  • The official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide
  • Support for English (UK and US), French, Italian, German, and Spanish keyboard layouts, with translated versions of the Beginner’s Guide.
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The folks behind Raspberry Pi 400 has released the fourth edition of their popular Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide. The edition comes with updated material to help the users get the most out of their Raspberry PC. A copy of this book can be directly purchased from the Raspberry Pi Press store or downloaded for free from PDF.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is available to purchase in countries like the UK, the US, and French. Next week, the kits and computers are expected to be available in the Italian, German, and Spanish markets. The company also stated that countries like India, Australia, and New Zealand would have the Raspberry PI 400 kits by the end of this year. Raspberry PI 400 is expected to be made available across the world by the mid-quarter of 2021.

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