AMD is gaining healthy x86 CPU Market Share says Mercury Research Q3 2020 report

Suffering from bankruptcy a few years back, AMD was nowhere near Intel and we had only one ruler in every department, eventually, the high-performance market became stagnant. There was no significant improvement year-over-year nor there was an increase in efficiency.

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This helped ARM and a lot of other companies to establish themselves for mobile computing. However, that department became even stronger; the x86 CPU market never did really see a massive increase in performance. Until 2017, when AMD announced the first Zen architecture, it made a lot of noise.

In 2018, with Zen+, AMD actually made its competitors a bit more concerned with their variety of high-performance desktop processors and obviously their server-oriented EPYC lineup. The year that totally changed AMD’s fortune was 2019, the Zen 2 architecture marked the first 7nm based desktop CPUs, and it almost nullified the competition.

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People love AMD these days, and their desktop CPUs are increasingly getting popular. In 2020 too, Ryzen is ruling the market, and in the meantime, AMD has again crippled the competition with its massive gain in single-core performance in their new Ryzen 5000 series processors.

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When things are looking good for AMD, Mercury Research’s latest Q3 2020 x86 CPU Market Share report can give team Red fans some more happiness. The report states that AMD continues to make significant gains, quarter over quarter (QoQ) and year over year (YoY) in all key segments.

The unit share info is as follows:

  • AMD overall x86 CPU share was 22.4%, an increase of 4.1 share points quarter over quarter (QoQ) and 6.3 share points year over year (YoY)
    • Highest share since Q4 2007
  • AMD desktop x86 share, excluding IoT, was 20.1%, an increase of 0.9 share points QoQ, and 2.1 share points YoY
    • AMD desktop share has grown over 12 consecutive quarters
    • Highest since Q4 2013
  • AMD notebook x86 share, excluding IoT, was 20.2%, an increase of 0.3 share points QoQ, and 5.5 share points YoY
    • AMD notebook share has grown over 12 consecutive quarters
    • This is a new record for AMD x86 notebook share, eclipsing the previous high of 19.9% set in Q2 2020
  • AMD client x86 share, excluding IoT, was 20.2%, an increase of 0.5 share points QoQ, and 4.3 share points YoY
    • Highest since Q2 2011

As we see, AMD has enjoyed a healthy increase in all of its CPU market, be it desktop, notebook, or client/server market. This is mostly because AMD is keeping its promise of delivering the best-performing products each year.

The increase in share points will eventually help AMD to make more investments and make more amazing products in the days to come.

Mercury Research Q3 2020 x86 CPU Market Share report says AMD is gaining market share

As we see, the share value keeps increasing, which should go even more in the coming months with Zen 3 based CPUs. Undoubtedly, AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs were phenomenal in the notebook market, which has helped to gather more shares in that market.

According to Mercury, AMD also gained QoQ and YoY in the x86 server market. Strong partnerships between OEMs, big clients, cloud computing giants, and other corporate clients have helped AMD gain more shares in the client market.

AMD utilizes a server-specific TAM of roughly 20 million CPUs, based on IDC data. The team Red says it will update their x86 server share once IDC Q3 2020 data is available.

via AMD Press info

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