Xbox Series X seems to have the edge over PS5 with its ML capabilities

The much-awaited Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are now only a couple of weeks away from being launched. And it seems that the console wars are picking up heat. The debate surrounding Microsoft’s and Sony’s next-generation consoles seems to be more heated than ever. Which one is better than the other in terms of hardware is one of the biggest questions, of course, as despite the underlying similarities, both consoles are based on AMD’s technology.

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It is not easy to compare hardware, as they always have advantages and disadvantages. It is not just a matter of CPU or frequency; also; it is also about the consistency of the components and the possibilities of including advanced features.

The CPU of the two next-gen consoles uses the same processor, but it is slightly faster on Xbox Series X. the GPU of the Xbox also seems to be more powerful, according to its sources, 16% faster than the PS5 GPU. It also comes with a bandwidth that is 25% faster than Sony’s next-gen consoles. However, transfer speed from the SSD is twice as fast on PS5.

The Xbox’s shader cores are also more suitable for machine learning, which is a significant advantage if Microsoft succeeds in implementing an equivalent to Nvidia’s DLSS.

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Overall, I think that the pure analysis of the hardware shows an advantage for Microsoft. Still, experience tells us that hardware is only part of the equation: Sony showed in the past that their consoles could deliver the best-looking games because their architecture and software were usually very consistent and efficient.

Microsoft adopting AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture has already significantly boosted its next-gen console’s performance. Microsoft is reportedly pushing the high-performance of its consoles and aiming to attract gamer based on its performance alone.


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