Nvidia to launch RTX 3060 Ti version sooner than expected

NVIDIA’s new RTX 3060 Ti was confirmed recently with its full specifications, and it looks like the graphics provider is soon launching the card as well. According to sources, the RTX 3060 Ti based on GA104 will be launched on November 17.

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The GeForce RTX 3060 Ti features GA104-200 GPU with 4864 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 memory, which is clocked at 14 Gbps. The bus will be 256-bits with a total bandwidth of 448 GB/s, and TBP is estimated to be around 200W, with the reference design clocking in at around 180W.

Nvidia’s biggest rival, AMD, recently launched its Navi 22 series on October 28, and that could be one reason why NVIDIA has decided to launch the Ti-based variant first. With 3080 and 3090 cards out of stock, gamers are hungry to get their hands on a next-generation GPU

The Samsung 8nm node offer yields that are lower than expected and are as expensive as hell. The company expects the yields and, therefore, pay’s prices for the wafers. And it expects that the yield will rise in the coming months. According to sources, the company has been cautious about its orders of the first few batches and has reportedly placed a significantly higher volume of orders for later batches.

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Nvidia decided to launch its Ti version first means that the company is growing vary of AMD and is planning to tackle its biggest competitor. With AMD processors and graphics cards establishing their dominion in the market. Nvidia needs to deliver reliable performance and stand up to the expectations of its fanbase.

We also know that AMD is developing a new technology to tackle Nvidia in 4K gaming platforms. As to how Nvidia will respond to this remains to be seen.


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