iPhone 12 Camera module can’t be Transferred to Another iPhone 12

It’s been a few days now since Apple has launched its iPhone 12 series. Now there are a lot of reviews in the market regarding the different sections of the iPhone 12, such as its battery, camera, and so on. A new report has just come out that iPhone 12 camera module is irreplaceable. That means, if any technician removes the camera module from an iPhone 12 and fix it to another iPhone 12, the camera app will not work properly. Most of the functions will not work and it will hang several times, refuses to switch the ultra-wide mode, and so on. The main thing is the user can not use the camera of its iPhone 12.

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Behind this kind of thing, Apple may be looking to come down the third party repairs with this iPhone 12 segment camera issues. To solve any camera issue of the iPhone 12, the authorized technicians will need to run Apple’s proprietary cloud-linked System Configuration app to fully repair cameras. This is applicable to iPhone 12 and will be on the upcoming iPhones as well.

It is not only for the first time that has happened with iPhones. Back in the time, when iPhone 8 Plus was released, and technicians tried to swap the LCD screen of it, they have faced a lot of problems. The problem occurred because Apple had used three different manufacturers for those iPhones. So, from that time, Apple was very much possessive to its own devices and intentionally discouraging third party repairs.

Now the main thing is how much worth it is from Apple. Because if we check the price segment of the iPhone 12 series, the price tag of the iPhone 12 is Rs. 79,900 and for the iPhone 12 Pro, it is Rs. 1,19,900. Now if a buyer spends that amount of money on a single iPhone without having a charger or earphone, and moreover facing a lot of problems in case of any issue regarding the device, then it is a thing to look out for. Like after spending a gigantic amount of money, you can’t even repair the device by any third party process. So, you will net more money to repair it at that time.

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