Manchester United announce official TikTok account

The growth of the digital age has made it almost compulsory for football clubs to indulge in new ways to keep in touch and reach out to their worldwide fanbase. 

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The biggest clubs in Europe have all employed the modern art of reaching out to fans via social media well, and have also made accounts on TikTok. 

Working towards that very end, Manchester United are the latest club to launch their official TikTok account in an attempt to connect better with their audience. They join the likes of Dortmund, Bayern, Milan and rivals Liverpool on the app. 

While the gesture will be appreciated by those who fondly use the video-sharing platform, their performances on the pitch have left something to be desired in terms of consistency. 

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Since TikTok is something that is mainly used by the younger generation, this move by United is a smart one if they are to lure international, as well as domestic fans into supporting the iconic club. 

The club’s intent is further enhanced by their claims of  wanting to “pioneer fresh and unique ways of engaging with existing fans while reaching out to a youth audience globally.”

United did manage to earn their first home victory of the season against Leipzig in midweek, with the scoreline reading 5-0 at full time. 

However, work will have to be put in by the United players to ease the sting of the losses to Crystal Palace and Spurs at home. 

The brand new account will feature plenty of behind the scenes footage at the club, including highlights of matches from never seen before angles. 

Among the other content promised by the United account includes ‘hashtag challenges’ and short videos from the various squads at the club that make up the very essence of the app. 

Phil Lynch, Manchester United chief executive of media, said: “This exciting launch will help us connect with a new generation of fans around the world and provide a platform for new forms of storytelling and innovative club content.”

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