Best game genres for smartphones

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Your phone is an excellent gaming device. There are thousands and thousands of games on the App Store and Google Play, and you can find everything from simple puzzle games to advanced open-world games with amazing graphics and deep game mechanics. Here are four types of games that are perfect for smartphones.

Casual games

According to Statista, casual games were the most popular mobile game genre on Android in 2019. Smartphones have introduced millions of people to gaming, and almost everyone has at least one gaming app installed on their phone. Casual games are easy to pick up and learn, and there are many types of games within the casual genre: puzzle games, arcade games and virtual casino games, to name a few. Everyone is familiar with games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, which were among the first games to become incredibly popular in the early days of the smartphone era. Today, there are thousands of great casual games to choose from – both free and monetised.

Idle games

One of the benefits of playing games on your phone is that you can put it down and pick it back up whenever you want. The genre that has capitalised on this the most is the idle games’ genre. Idle games, as the name suggests, are games that help the player progress even when they aren’t playing. In other words, idle games essentially play themselves when you are not using the phone. The next time you open the game, you might find some extra loot and other rewards waiting for you. Idle games are everywhere these days, and some of the most popular include AFK Arena, Adventure Capitalist and Tap Titans.

Online slots

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Virtually every online casino has a mobile casino these days, which means that you have access to all your favourite slots when you’re on the go. Most casinos offer hundreds – if not thousands – of online slots from big-name game providers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n GO. Modern slots are optimised for phones and run great on the smaller screens, making them just as exciting as the desktop versions. In addition, most mobile slots have a built-in restore feature that ensures you won’t miss out on a win or bonus round should you run out of battery or lose your internet connection. Online slots are a great way to kill a few minutes while waiting for an appointment or during the lunch break.

Social games

Phones allow you to stay in constant touch with your friends via social media, texts and calls, but games are another great way to interact with your friends and family. There are many types of social multiplier games out there, and the majority of them are free to download. Words With Friends, a word game that is similar to Scrabble, is an example of a social game that gained a ton of popularity a few years ago. Players can open the game and play their round whenever they want, which means that anyone can join in on the fun.

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