AMD’s upcoming EPYC Zen 3 based processor will power the LUMI supercomputer

AMD’s next-generation Zen 2 and Zen 3 based processors are all set to debut their desktop-grade and server-grade CPU market. However, reports have arrived stating that AMD is all set to debut its next-gen EPYC CPUs and Radeon Instinct GPUs in the Large Unified Modern Infrastructure supercomputer Kajaani, Finland.

HP or Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the manufacturing of the LUMI supercomputer. The machine will be using the company’s HPE Cray EX architecture to deliver more than half the Exaflops of performance. The supercomputer is based in Finland and will be fully operational by late 2021. The LUMI will be among the top 5 supercomputers that will feature 1.5 to 2.5 Exaflops of computing horsepower.

AMD’s upcoming EPYC Zen 3 based processor will power the LUMI supercomputer

HPE released its official statement, “AMD is proud to join with HPE to power the upcoming LUMI supercomputer to advance scientific research in artificial intelligence, weather forecasting, pharmaceutical discovery, and more. Our next-generation AMD EPYC CPUs and AMD Instinct GPUs, coupled with HPE’s unique supercomputing technologies, are fueling new capabilities in high-performance computing, and we are excited to strengthen the European research community through our support.” 

The LUMI will feature AMD’s next-generation EPYC CPUs. However, the CPU variant is still unknown, but sources claim that the new CPU will most likely by Zen 3 base Milan. The supercomputer will reportedly come with 200,000 AMD EPYC Zen 3 cores and a 30 Petabytes capacity storage system. It will have 7 Petabytes of Flash-Based storage capacity offering bandwidths of up to 2 TB/s.

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With AMD taking the next step in powering supercomputer devices, it looks like Intel is staring at some significant competition in the comping year. As to how the silicon giant will react to this new update remains to be seen.


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