Google-Fitbit deal receives clearance from EU for now

Google is the world’s largest search engine and a leader in smartphone OS. It has expanded its business not just to search optimization but also to various other fields. Earlier, we discussed how Google is currently working on making YouTube, the world’s largest online video platform, into an e-commerce hub.

Today, we bring to you yet another update on the Android maker’s latest tech market venture.

We already know that Google has successfully taken over the leading fitness-monitor maker Fitbit Inc, with a whopping $2.1 billion takeover deal. This completes the successful footing of the search giant in the market of health and data devices.

However, this move of google has been met with several criticisms from other market leaders of health monitoring devices.

The competitors are not ready to allow such a tech giant to enter ad disrupt their business. But I mean, come on, it’s Google we are talking about. Do you think the people at Google are afraid of a few protests?

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Well, it seems that Google’s entry into the health monitoring device market is on track for European Union approval despite protests from consumer groups and rivals about the search giant’s move into health data and devices.

The merger of Fitbit with google will most likely earn the Android maker global scrutiny from big tech giants worldwide.

On the other hand, Google might be facing a monopoly-abuse lawsuit from the U.S Justice Department real soon. This comes amidst congress preparing legislation to address the antitrust violations done by Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.

The EU, however, had earlier announced that it would conduct a longer probe of the Fitbit-Google deal. This is to have a deeper look at how this deal might bolster Google’s “data advantage” in terms of online advertising. It also wants to verify how this deal would affect digital health care, and it would make third-party devices work with Google’s Android phone software more difficult.


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