CMA regulates Instagram to tackle Hidden ads in the UK

Hidden advertising has always been an issue in influencing social media platforms. Especially those with a global reach. Facebook is the current social media giant owing to the famous platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

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Both of these platforms are used for advertising various businesses and products. The social media platform used to upload, like, and comment on media files has grown into a big source for establishing a digital network.

In 2018, the competition and market authority (CMA) started its investigation on various social media influencers. These so-called influencers have been accused of promoting businesses using their profile handle without disclosing whether they are paid to do.

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Soon after, 16 celebrities, including those from the UK, agreed to declare whether they are being paid for the endorsement of products they advertise. The declaration, however, came only after the CMA issued a warning to these celebs.

The CMA has now reportedly informed the social media platform Instagram to crack down on hidden.

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A spokesperson for Facebook stated, “pleased to be working with the CMA on our continued efforts to help people be transparent about when they are paid to post content on Instagram,” as reported by sources.

Instagram stated that it had taken several measures in its persuasion of cracking down hidden ads.

The new measures from Instagram will include:

  • Asking users whether they’ve been incentivized to promote something and, if so, to disclose it.
  • Allowing all users to display clear labels on paid posts.
  • Using algorithms to sniff out users that fail to disclose their post is an ad.

Chief Executive of CMA, Andrea Coscelli, said in a statement, “For too long, major platforms have shied away from taking responsibility for hidden advertising on their site.”

This new crackdown from CMA comes with its motive to tackle hidden adverts and improving the posts on social media handles. This is so that users will find it difficult to ignore the law. These new measures are directed towards all Instagram users in the U.K and all those globally whose posts are directed in the British Isles.


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