Blockbuster deals on Gaming RAMs

A gaming RAM is a necessity for every gaming enthusiast who wants to build their own powered rigs. A powerful RAM determines the seamless loading of most of our games.

So, here is the list of Gaming RAMs which meets every demand of gamers out there and are currently on discount at Amazon Great Indian Festival:

XPG ADATA GAMMIX D10 DDR4 3000MHz 8GB (1x8GB) Desktop U-DIMM Gaming Memory 8GB 3000MHZ (AX4U300038G16A-SR10)

original price: Rs 6,500

deal price: Rs 2,899

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  • Check out the buying guide in the videos section
  • Unique heatsink design with edgy wing-shaped
  • 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 RAM
  • Fast speeds up to 3000MHz
  • U-DIMM Gaming Memory. Supports Intel X299 platform and AMD AM4/Ryzen Platforms
  • Intel XMP 2.0 for hassle-free overclocking
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • For Technical Support: Visit us on Adata website > Support > Technical Support for compatibility search

get it here:

XPG ADATA GAMMIX D30 DDR4 8GB (1x8GB) 3200MHz U-DIMM Desktop Memory -AX4U320038G16A-SR30

original price: Rs 6,500

deal price: Rs 2,999


  • Unique heatsink design with edgy wing-shaped
  • Supports Intel X299 platform and implements 2666MHz
  • Fast speeds up to 4600MHz

get it here:

Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 3200MHZ C16 Desktop RAM (Black)

original price: Rs 6,190

deal price: Rs 3,498


  • XMP 2.0 SUPPORT: One setting is all it takes to automatically adjust to the fastest safe speed for your VENGEANCE LPX.
  • ALUMINUM HEAT SPREADER: The unique design of the VENGEANCE LPX heat spreader optimally pulls heat away from the ICs and into your system’s cooling path, so you can push it harder.
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE OVERCLOCKING: Each VENGEANCE LPX module is built from an custom performance PCB and highly-screened memory ICs.
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: The small form factor makes it ideal for smaller cases or any system where internal space is at a premium.

get it here:

XPG ADATA Flame DDR4 8GB (1x8GB) 2666MHz CL18-18-18 SO-DIMM Memory – AX4S266638G18-SBF

original price: Rs 5,299

deal price: Rs 3,490


  • Speeds up to 2666 MHz
  • Superior power efficiency: 20% less draw than DDR3 (operating voltage decreased from 1.5V to 1.2V)
  • black PCB for superior stability

get it here:

XPG Adata GAMMIX D30 DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (1x16GB) Desktop U-DIMM Memory (AX4U3200316G16-SR30)

original price: Rs 10,199

deal price: Rs 6,395


  • Unique heatsink design with edgy wing-shaped
  • Supports Intel X299 platform and implements 2666MHz
  • Intel XMP 2.0 more accessible overclocking
  • RoHS compliant

get it here:

XPG Flame 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz PC4-21300 CL18 1.2V SODIMM RAM Memory Module for Gaming Laptops

original price: Rs 20,000

deal price: Rs 5,649


  • 16GB DDR4 2666 Mhz for Laptops
  • Top Quality RAM for High Durability
  • DDR4 – Stunning Performance and Power Efficiency

get it here:

G.Skill F4-3000C16S-16GVRB Ripjaws V DDR4-3000MHz CL16-18-18-38 1.35V 16GB (1x16GB) Memory

original price: Rs 19,999

deal price: Rs 4,987


  • Memory Type : DDR4 / Capacity : 16GB (16GBx1)
  • SPD Speed : 2133MHz / SPD Voltage : 1.20V
  • Multi-Channel Kit : Single Channel Kit
  • Tested Speed : 3000MHz / Tested Latency : 16-18-18-38 / Tested Voltage : 1.35V

get it here:

HyperX Impact 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 CL14 260-Pin SODIMM Laptop Memory (HX424S14IB/16)

original price: Rs 15,000

deal price: Rs 5,199


  • Optimised for Intel’s Series 100 and 200 chipsets
  • 4GB–64GB capacities, frequencies up to 2666MHz
  • Automatic overclocking for a hassle-free boost
  • XMP-ready profi les for easy custom tuning
  • Low 1.2 standard voltage runs more effi ciently
  • Slim black thermal label and black PCB
  • Country of Origin: China

get it here:

Ballistix Sport LT 4GB DDR4 2400Mhz 1.2V CL16 288 pin UDIMM Gaming RAM Memory Module for Desktops (Red)

original price: Rs 3,700

deal price: Rs 2,200


  • When we are in a competitive environment where both are equally matched in skills then it boils down to the machine. Equip yourself with the advantage of performance for unreal gaming experience.
  • It is a DDR4 memory module rated at PC4-19200 with a latency of 16-16-16. The Unbuffered NON-ECC RAM can do 2400Mhz and operates at 1.2V making it efficient without compromising on performance.
  • The Four-channel memory architecture maximizes data rates upto 2400 MT/s. It is optimized for latest Intel X99 platforms.
  • Designed for pro gamers and over clockers, the Sport LT is Intel XMP 2.0 ready where you can achieve faster speeds and bandwidths. Digital camo heat spreader aides with natural cooling with aggressive militaristic styling adding character.
  • Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 memory helps your processor the resources it needs to perform and make your computer faster and more responsive. Get faster speeds and run demanding applications with ease. Multitask at will with increased bandwidth And strike first with better latencies and reduced load times making your system go Ballistix.

get it here:

HyperX Fury 4GB 2666MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM  Black XMP Desktop Memory (HX426C16FB3/4)

original price: Rs 4,000

deal price: Rs 1,999


  • Check out the RAM buying guide in Videos section
  • Updated low-profile heat spreader design
  • Cost-efficient, high-performance DDR4 upgrade
  • Intel XMP-ready profiles optimized for Intel’s latest chipsets
  • Lifetime Warranty. For Technical Support, mail us at [email protected]

get it here:

Alketron Quantum-Cache (Extreme Gaming Memory) | 4GB-1866MHz-CL10 | DDR3 RAM | Long-DIMM (UDIMM) | PC3-14900 | for Gaming and Desktop PC

Original price: Rs 3,550

deal price: Rs 1,732


  • DDR3 RAM Memory for Gaming PC & Desktop | Gaming quality Memory chip & PCB board | Excellent heat sink case for Extreme gaming capability
  • 4 GB | 1866 MHz | Dual Rank | 1.5v | LONG-DIMM (UDIMM) | 240 PIN | 8Bits ETT chipset | Unbuffered | CAS Latency – CL10 | PC3 -14900 | Compatible with INTEL & AMD | 16 Chip
  • Number of channels intended to support – Dual Channel
  • 8 independent internal banks | Bi-directional differential data strobe | On die termination using ODT pin | Optimized circuit design for higher efficiency and lower heat generation | 8-bit pre-fetch, Asynchronous reset |
  • After sales services available all over India, Contact Alketron Computers or visit their website| NOTE: Check Compatibility before Purchase. All ALKETRON RAM are 100 % tested and undergo a 2 stage testing. Please contact a computer hardware expert or email Alketron Computers to choose a proper compatible RAM Memory for your Laptop/Desktop PC.

get it here:

Kingston HyperX Fury HX318C10F/4 4GB DDR3 1866MHz CL10 DIMM Desktop Memory

original price: Rs 4,000

deal price: Rs 2,399


  • 8 independent internal banks
  • 8-bit pre-fetch
  • Bi-directional differential data strobe
  • Asynchronous reset
  • On die termination using ODT pin
  • Lifetime Warranty(Max 10 Years)
  • Automatic overclocking reach faster speeds and higher capacities by installing the memory, no adjustments in BIOS needed

get it here: Amazon

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