Intel confirms its Rocket Lake-S for the desktop to launch in Q1 2021

Intel has released its 11th gen Tiger Lake CPU’s for notebooks which is supported by the latest Iris Xe GPU. But the new 10nm processors are manufactured solely for notebook devices. The chipmaker is yet to provide us with any desktop-grade and server-grade CPUs from the 11th generation family of its SoCs.

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However, the semiconductor giant has finally announced that the 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S will be its desktop-grade processor. The 11th gen Rocket Lake-S will support Xe-LP graphics and will also support PCIe Gen4.

It is announced to be made available in the first quarter of 2021. The processor is based on the Cypress Cove architecture; a Willow Cove backports on the 14nm process.

Rocket Lake-S rumored specs

Intel has not revealed much of the specifications of the Rocket Lake-S, but the internet is full of leaks and rumors about the specs of a new member of Intel’s 11th generation family.

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As mentioned earlier, Rocket Lake-S will be based on a new core architecture called Cypress Core, which is a backport of Willow Cove using the 14 nm process.

The platform is the successor of Comet Lake-S and will also feature Xe-LP integrated graphics and PCIe Gen4. If all this is true, the new processor should be compatible with the current 400-series LGA 1200 motherboards.

The Rocket Lake-S is supposedly rumored to top out an 8-core while having 16-thread and is at 125 W.

The predecessor of Rocket Lake-S spotted 10 cores even though being from the 10th gen intel family. However, it is rumored that the IPC uplifting offered in Rocket Lake-S is expected to make up for the missing cores that stand to be beneficial to gamers.

With Rocket Lake -S being launched in next year’s first quarter, it will be quite interesting to see whether the new processor will be able to hold its ground against the tough competition offered by AMD in the desktop-grade CPU market.


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