AMD in talks to buy its long-time rival Xilinx

Semiconductor war is booming in the tech industry with many of the silicon manufacturing giants pushing for independency and increasing their tech efficiency. With Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM and Apple pushing its in-house processors for its MacBook along with Intel releasing its 10nm based 11th generation processors, it seems every semiconductor giant is pushing for a change.

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However, we were yet to receive any update from AMD. But now it seems that the Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is finally revealing its cards.

The company is reportedly in advanced discussions to buy Xilinx Inc. this takeover is supposedly $30 billion in value. The deal is reported to be finalized as early as next week.

Analyst claims that if AMD successfully acquires Xilinx Inc., it would give AMD the right resources need to break intel’s stronghold in the data-center computer components manufacturing market.

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It will be a tough competition for AMD however, as it is not the only company looking to snatch intel’s throne in the data center market. Nvidia is also behind intel with the release of its latest Bluefield Data Processing Unit.

Xilinx is one of the leading manufacturers of programmable chips that power wireless networks.

This gives AMD an added advantage to expand its business in the telecommunication market and build a 5G network.

The total share value of Xilinx Inc. is termed to be approximately a quarter of AMD’s total share value. This indicates that the company won’t have any financial difficulties with acquiring the new firm. AMD has been a long-time competitor of Intel in desktop and notebook grade CPU, but it still lacks Intel in terms of the server-grade CPU market. The acquisition of Xilinx will boost AMD’s server-grade technology and make it a neck-to-neck competitor of its long-time rival, Intel.

With the advancement in cloud computing and companies Amazon and Microsoft looking to expand their cloud computing ground stations, the demand to increase cloud service data centers’ efficiency is increasing. AMD’s latest interest in Xilinx indicates that the company is ready to enhance the technology for its future endeavors.


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