Bing gets rebranded to ‘Microsoft Bing’

Microsoft’s very own search engine Bing is the de-facto search engine in Windows 10. With the edge adopting chromium architecture, Microsoft is moving ahead with its software innovations with express speed.

The company has been promoting its new edge browser every opportunity that it gets. Now, another update has come from the windows manufacturer. The company is rebranding its Bing search engine.

That’s right. The new name is Microsoft Bing. Well, it was technically Microsoft’s Bing since the beginning. But still, the rebranding is nothing but Microsoft’s attempt to make its search engine more accessible and appealing to the users.

The windows manufacturer didn’t reveal much detail about why it added the company’s name to the Bing brand. However, the rebranding of the search is stated as “the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.”

Bing search engine is now using the new updated logo along with the Microsoft Bing logo on the search engine’s homepage.

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It’s not clear if Microsoft will retire the Bing logo in favour of this more Microsoft-centric logo. However, it’s interesting to note that this news has come out as soon as the new windows update allowed users to disable Bing permanently.

Still, Microsoft’s search engine is used and loved by many. This revitalization of the search engine is still not a bad thing put forth by Microsoft.

Well, the windows manufacturer updating its search engine with a new Logo and a suffix is not a big deal but it still requires adding more features and security to make it a de-facto users choice for a secure search engine that does not track us.

Microsoft’s rebranding efforts are an attempt to promote its products in an entirely new way. Last year we saw Microsoft updating the icons of its long time existing Microsoft Office Apps. But its Xbox products have still alluding its rebranding efforts. Could we expect the same thing with Windows 10 UI? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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