3 Mobile Tech trends driving India’s Digital Revolution

The last two decades have witnessed revolutionary developments across all industries powered by digital technology. The advent of internet technology fueled a wave of innovations across the world. In India, new digital technologies have contributed to the rapid transformation in society. The country has now emerged as one of the leaders in digital technology.

Of all the digital innovations in the country, mobile technology has emerged as the most influential. A mobile phone is no longer an option in Indian society but a necessity. It has supplanted all other communication technologies in less than 20 years.

Mobile phones are integral in virtually every aspect of modern life. From communication, business transactions, banking, education to social engagements, these devices are now essential. As the demand for mobile services continues, new tech trends continue emerging.

This post looks at some of the mobile tech trends driving the digital revolution in the country.

Mobile Casinos

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For casino lovers in the country, these are interesting times as some of the biggest gambling operators continue targeting the market. Local players can now enjoy a wide range of games at sites such as Genesiscasino in India, ranging from slots, table games, live casino games, specialty games, and more. By offering enticing bonuses, using local currency, and a wide range of payment options, mobile casino operators spur the growth of the online casino industry in the country. Equally, mobile casinos take advantage of most of the technical capacities of your phone, making use of live-streaming and visual slots, as well as other features. For most mobile enthusiasts, online casinos are worth checking out.

Mobile Gaming

The Indian gaming industry is among the most robust in the world. This is mainly due to an active community of app developers. With more people now going online through their smartphones, mobile gaming has evolved into a top trend.

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Gaming innovations such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) continue to shape the industry. Players can now access the latest games on mobile through websites or gaming apps. It is one of the key drivers of the fast-growing local gaming market.

By 2022, the country is expected to have 820 million smartphone users and this will drive mobile gaming even further. Today, Indian players can enjoy popular games from 8 Ball Pool, Clash Royale, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Ludo King, Clash of Clans, Teen Patti, Indian Rummy, and Carrom King to mention a few.

Mobile Artificial Intelligence

Two decades ago, artificial intelligence (AI) sounded like a futuristic idea. It was popular in sci-fi literature and no one thought it would be one of the biggest trends in technology. Today, artificial intelligence is part of modern life. A 2018 AI report said India was third in terms of Artificial Intelligence implementation.

AI mobile software includes Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Voice recognition is another aspect of AI that’s common in mobile apps. AI technology helps deliver a better user experience on mobile.

Final Thoughts

Mobile technology offers immense opportunities for businesses across all industries in India. As more people switch to mobile, phone manufacturers and software developers will continue developing new ways of utilizing this technology. These innovations will impact the digital landscape in the country for years to come.

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