Rocket League gets free in the Epic Games Store and will give $10 in credit to play it

Yesterday, Epic Games made Rocket League free to claim for all of its users. Not only that, Epic will give you $10 to spend in the Epic Games Store if you redeem Rocket League for free. Now, the game can be claimed for free till October 23rd, and after that, the offer goes down. Moreover, the $10 coupon which you’ll get after claiming the game will expire on November 1st at 3 PM ET, so, before that, you have to use it.

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Though the company didn’t say anything about that why it is doing this promotion, it’s clear that it’s trying to draw the attention of the Steam users to their platform. Rocket League has now been delisted from Steam, but you own the copy there you’ll be still able to play your copy there, and the current version of the game will still receive “full support for forthcoming updates and features,” such as cross-platform play.

Rocket League gets free in the Epic Games Store and will give $10 in credit to play it

This is not the first time Epic gave a copy of the game for free to its users. The company gives a free game every week and the list of free giveaways not only contains indie games but AAA titles too. GTA 5 and Watch Dogs 2 are one of its biggest giveaway titles. If you claimed GTA 5 in Epic Games Store, I bet that you remember the horde to claim the game which literally crashed the Epic Store. Epic Games Store also gives a decent discount on the game. 

If you haven’t claimed the game and planning to claim it for free then hurry up and use the coupon code wisely on buying any other games before it expires.

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