Microsoft and Qualcomm collaborate to improve Windows 10 Apps and Snapdragon processor compatibility

Microsoft revealed a deeper collaboration with Qualcomm technologies. This came after Microsoft announced its expansion of the Microsofts App Assure program. This collaboration is aimed to enhance the performance and app compatibility experience of windows 10 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. It will also help both the companies to deliver superior user experience for enterprise customers running widows 10 on ARM64 devices.

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Microsoft’s App Assure program was released in early 2019. It is designed to address any application compatibility issue on Windows 10. This program is available for free to customers, develops, and Independent software vendors (ISV’s), who qualify under the company’s 365 subscriptions.

The program was initially developed to help companies transfer apps to windows 10 and modernize them.

Any compatibility issue which arises would then be addressed by Microsoft. But this collaboration aims at expanding the service to ARM64 PC’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

A press statement released about the collaboration states, “Microsoft’s App Assure with FastTrack program is a service designed to help customers, developers, and independent software vendors address application compatibility issues, at no additional cost for qualifying customers. With this announced expansion, Microsoft commits to delivering exceptional experiences across Windows 10 devices powered by Snapdragon compute platforms, providing end-users with consistent application experiences. A focus of the program will be to engage vendors to deliver compatibility of Windows 10 apps on Snapdragon compute platforms so that users working anywhere can confidently use Windows 10 apps on Snapdragon-powered devices. This announcement is another milestone in redefining the mobile computing experience delivered by Snapdragon-powered PCs.”

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The next-gen PC’s which will be powered by Qualcomm’s snapdragon will redefine the mobile computing experience in the upcoming years. This collaboration mainly focuses to deliver compatibility of windows 10 apps on the Snapdragon computer platform. This will allow the users to confidently run windows 10 apps on Snapdragon-powered devices.

“The consistent application compatibility of Windows 10 has been the reason for its worldwide adoption, and we’re proud to extend this compatibility promise to Windows 10 on ARM. Now our customers can have confidence that their business-critical applications will work on Snapdragon-powered Windows devices,” said Brad Anderson, CVP, Commercial Management Experiences, Microsoft.

The goal of the updated program is to “deliver superior user experiences for enterprise customers and consumers across Windows 10 on ARM64 devices, including the global Snapdragon-powered PC ecosystem.”

Hopefully, this means that more apps can now run natively on ARM64. The arm is a significant player in mobile computing. And windows 10 running powered by snapdragon is a hell of a combo.


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