iOS 14 widgets are a trending topic of TikTok flex

iOS 14 brought with itself a bundle of customization and personalization features to iPad and iPhones. Most of the personalization features are amazing. But one particular feature which has seemed to catch the user’s eyes is the new widgets launched with iOS 14.

The new widgets let users spice up their homepage with anything from custom notes to astronomy and weather reports. These options were available on android. but now that they have arrived on iPhone they have already created a buzz among the users.

Developers are trying to combine these widgets into various custom layouts that can be tweaked and even sold.

The new option to create a custom layout for the iPhone has made a small utility called Widgetsmith the center of attention. All tutorials available to create custom layouts are centered around the utility.

Using the utility tool, a TikTok creator used an orange, red, and brown color palette to coincide with the aesthetics of Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and the fall season.

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Other home screen desings like Star Wars and Marvel are also going viral.

designing the perfect layout can take several hours — but it’s famous among users who are trying to make a splash on Instagram or TikTok.

A recent report claims that Gia, a 15-year-old Twilight fan, spent five hours making her Twilight-dedicated home screen, which includes a GIF lock screen image, characters from the Twilight films as app icons, and Widgetsmith boxes used to display Twilight dialogue.

Some layout is appealing enough to even pay for. Developers have started selling iOS 14 packs for as much as $4.99.

Sharing the designs and skills to create custom layouts has become a new trend on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. People have even created new accounts dedicated especially for these tutorials.

The #ios14tutorial hashtag on TikTok has already garnered close to 20 million views.

It’s hard to say how long this trend will continue. But since the customized widget layout has already entered iOS. The home screen customization will only see a rise in upcoming updates.



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