Friday, May 20, 2022

Chinese administration raises its concerns over the TikTok’s sale to an American company

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We all know what’s going to happen to TikTok after September 15 if they don’t hand over their US operations to any homegrown business and for those of them who don’t have any idea, The Trump administration passed an executive order last month that it will be banning TikTok in the United States over the security concerns but TikTok can be saved from this ban if they sell their US business to any American company and several bidders have come into light such as Microsoft, Oracle, and even Twitter has expressed its interest in purchasing TikTok’s US operations but till now we don’t have a name.

Well, China wants to keep it like this since a recent report from Reuters suggests that Chinese authorities believe that selling even US’ operations of TikTok after a forced ban threat from the White House would reflect China as a weak country and according to few unknown sources that can’t be afforded and the Chinese administration would prefer closing down the app instead of bowing down in front of the United States.

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Not only this but there are high chances that China can block the deal on their end in accordance with a recent revision to the list of technology exports that will prevent TikTok’s recommendation algorithm from crossing the borders and it seems like TikTok and the potential buyers have kept this in mind so according to sources they are actively looking out for another way to get around this.


TikTok is surely not having the best year just like us since its getting outrage from every country over its security concern and its relations to Chinese authorities but TikTok even tried to clear out the air after the India ban but it didn’t help it a much then CEO Kevin Mayer left the company over the political issues and now this ban in the US is hovering above its head so this all looks like the end of TikTok in the west but who knows what is going to happen so it will be best to wait till September 15.

If China is so against the purchase of TikTok US’ operation by an American company then it seems highly unlikely that they’ll be approving its sale to an Indian company since the relation between the India and China has not been the best since last few months so chances are high that TikTok might not be coming back to India soon or maybe never.


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