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Most popular browsers of 2020

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When the web first came into existence, webpages were laid out in Hyper Text Mark-up Language, or simple HTML. But now the webpages have become more complex and dynamic. As such there always comes a need to keep the internet browsers up to speed.

In 2020, modern browsers have been equipped with a rendering or layout engine as well as a scripting engine. This together determines how well the browser can handle any particular task. There are many modern browsers available on the internet, but only a few are worthy of any praise.

Here are some top browsers of 2020

The top position is held by the one and only Google Chrome. Sources have claimed that Chrome has dominated over 49% of the internet with most PC users preferring Chrome over other browsers.


Coming in second place is apples very ownSafari. One might wonder, why safari which is mostly used in macOS is spoken to be the second-best browser in the market. Well, people often forget that, while Windows surely dominate the Desktop market. But most people still prefer the iPhone over Android devices. And when it comes to iPad there is no comparison. Both Apple’s iPhone and iPad offer a safari browser and its performance is no joke.

This might be a bit surprising, but Internet Explorer is still in the race. It is the third most famous browser of this year. Microsoft has been trying its best in urging users to dump Internet Explorer in favor of its Edge browser. Microsoft even went as far as saying that it won’t be including Internet Explorer in its future windows updates. Yet, some people still prefer the old over new.

Next in line is Microsoft’s new and updated Edge. It is now based on Chrome’s open-source parent Chromium. Even with Microsoft providing it with as much push as possible, people are still concerned over its security and buggy interface.

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Finally, the privacy champion, Mozilla Firefox is the browser which has been hit hard this year. While it still continues to get praise for its privacy initiative with DNS-over-HTTPS. It has improved its overall security yet that is the only major update that it has provided in its several latest release.

The Internet has become a complex thing over these years. Yet a browser that provides the ability to surf the internet must have a perfect blend of security and stability. Many modern browsers are in a race to provide more features but always fail to make the internet experience smoother and richer.


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Nivedita Bangari
Nivedita Bangari
I am a software engineer by profession and technology is my love, learning and playing with new technologies is my passion.


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