Friday, May 20, 2022

PCB announces 83% pay-hike for the domestic cricketers in Pakistan

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From the past years, what we have seen the biggest flaw of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) is a very less amount of expense on what PCB has done for its domestic cricketers. The coaching problem is another issue of Pakistan’s cricket. That’s why from the past couple of years, the world is witnessing a dark stage of Pakistan Cricket compared to the age of Akhtar, Afridi, and even before the lethal bowling department of Pakistan by Wasim Akram and many others.

To get rid of this problem and to upgrade the cricket in Pakistan, PCB has announced an 83% pay-hike for the domestic cricketers. Now the top domestic cricketers have an opportunity to earn as much as PKR 3.2 million (Rs14 lakh INR) over the course of the season. This also includes a monthly retainer of PKR 150,000 (Rs 66k INR) according to the pay structure announced by the PCB on Tuesday.

“Once the lowly paid top domestic cricket performers now have the opportunity to earn as high as PKR3.2million, which is 83 per cent more than 2019-20, and as low as PKR1.8million, still a seven per cent increase from what the players in the highest category received last year,” PCB said in a release on Tuesday.


The cricket board of Pakistan has also announced a new pay structure, that will increase the domestic players earnings “more than seven percent” of what they received in the 2019-20 season.

“With each of the 10 A+ category players to receive PKR150,000 as a monthly retainer for 12 months and a match fee of PKR40,000 for National T20 Cup and Pakistan Cup each, and PKR60,000 for Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, players maintaining and displaying high levels of professionalism throughout the season will earn PKR3.2million.”

The board also added, “monthly retainer of D category domestic players is PKR40,000 but they will get the same match fee as the highest category player, which means any D category player who features in all the 30 First XI league matches will earn PKR1.8million.”

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If we check the statistics, we can see that last year, the monthly retainer of all domestic first XI players.

White-ball cricket match fee: PKR40,000 Red-ball cricket match fee: PKR75,000

“The PCB is aware that Pakistan cricketers are not the highest-paid in the world, but it is our endeavor to slowly and gradually improve their contracts so that they can get the best returns for their talent and also plan their futures,” PCB Director Nadeem Khan said.

“I am confident that domestic cricketers will see these enhancements as a morale and confidence booster, and they will not only aim to perform better than last year but this will introduce an element of competition between these players in pursuit of improved contracts next year.” 

The 2020-21 and enhanced monthly retainer structure is:

Category A+ = 10 players, PKR150,000 per month (66k INR)

Category A = 38 players, PKR85,000 per month (37K INR)

Category B = 48 players, PKR75,000 per month (33k INR)

Category C = 72 players, PKR65,000 per month (28k INR)

Category D = 24 players, PKR40,000 per month. (17.5k INR).


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