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Edict by boAt EWH01 on-ear wireless headphone review: One of the best on-ear headphones for just Rs 1,299

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boAt is one of the most popular and reputed companies in the world of audio products. There are a huge number of Headphones, BlueTooth speakers, earbuds launched by Boat. Now Boat has officially launched a sub-brand of them, called Edict.

Edict has already launched its most affordable high-quality audio products on Amazon India. Take a look at the list of products launched by Edict here.

Among all the new products launched by Edict, I decided to try out the EWH01 on-ear wireless headphone. I ordered it on Amazon for Rs 1,299 on its launch day itself. Amazon did a great job and delivered it within 48 hours. I have been using the headphone for the last 2 days and now I would like to share my experience with you.

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In the box

The box contains 1 Edict EWH01 on-ear wireless headphone, 1 AUX cable, 1 Micro USB charging cable, 1 User Manual and 1 Warranty Card.

IMG 20200903 152546


  • 40mm dynamic drivers for punchy bass
  • 300mAh battery offers a playback time of up to 10 hours in a go
  • Ergonomically designed with comfortable padded earcups and lightweight design
  • Two modes for music: Bluetooth as well as AUX
  • Easy access integrated controls and built-in mic
  • Google Assistant or Siri enabled
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The Edict EWH01 on-ear wireless headphone has two types of connectivity, both AUX and Bluetooth. For me, which seems an absolute win cause when you’re in the middle of something and the battery runs out it is very frustrating. So, after your Bluetooth battery runs out you can easily keep your work flowing by connecting with the AUX cable.

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For connecting with the AUX cable, there is a 3.5 mm jack on the right earcup. So you just need to plug in the AUX cable and you’re ready to use.

Interestingly, I searched on the packaging and on the Amazon listing as well but couldn’t find the version of Bluetooth. Considering the quality of boAt and as the Bluetooth has a range of up to 10 m, I’m guessing that they have given the latest version of Bluetooth in this on-ear headphone.

For connecting to Bluetooth, first, turn on the headphone by long-pressing the middle button. A red and blue light will flash alternatively to indicate the headphone is turned on. Now, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and you can find ‘EWH01’ on the list of available devices. Connect with it and if it asks for passkey then enter ‘0000’. You’re good to go now.

From the second time, if the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on, whenever you turn on the headphone it will automatically connect to the last connected device.

So, on the connectivity options front, Edict by boAt has done a wonderful job by including both the AUX and Bluetooth modes. But in Bluetooth mode when you’re listening to a video you can clearly see that the lips won’t sync with the audio which is kind of awkward.

I’ve also tried playing COD Mobile (as PUBG has been banned by the Indian government) with this headphone on Bluetooth mode and it was kind of playable. There were some occasional major delays.

If you’re going to use this only in AUX mode then you don’t have to think about this issues, cause in AUX mode it is almost perfect.

IMG 20200903 1508131

Design and build quality

The Edict EWH01 is ergonomically designed and structured as an on-ear wireless headphone to provide the best user experience with comfortable padded earcups and lightweight design.

Now, coming to the build quality. Frankly speaking, I am disappointed on this part by boAt. The material of the earcups feel cheap and is not up to the mark of other boAt standard headphones. I’m just talking about the plastic material on the earcups. The pads and cushions are good, no issue with that.

The headphone has been designed almost to perfection. It fits quite accurately on your head and it doesn’t prove to be a burden either. The earcups fit perfectly on the ears and thanks to its well-padded earcups you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing those. Personally, I can’t bear wearing any audio device for a long time, but using the Edict wireless headphone, I didn’t face any problem and could use them for long hours in one go.

IMG 20200903 150813

Audio quality

This is the most important part of an audio device and I’m quite surprised. When I bought this wireless headphone for just Rs 1,299, I didn’t have much expectations on the audio front.

But when I used it for the first time, I was literally shocked. Edict by boAt has delivered one of the best audio quality in this price range. The sound was clear and the highs and lows are also up to the mark. It features 40 mm dynamic drivers. The sound is also loud and you won’t require to turn it on to full volume. 50-60% volume is enough for normal use.

Edict claimed that it has punchy bass and they have truly delivered in that area. The bass quality is pretty good and almost unparalleled in this price range. The mic also works decently. The person on the other side won’t hear too much noise when you’re speaking.

Another thing which has struck me with this wireless headphone is its noise cancellation ability. The earcups fit perfectly adding to its noise cancellation feature. Expecting noise cancellation in this price range is a huge ask but Edict has done a great job on the audio experience.

IMG 20200903 1532421

Battery backup

The Edict EWH01 on-ear wireless headphone features 300 mAh battery which will give you up to 10 hours of playback time. So it is on par with the other headphones in the market in this price range.

When I first got the headphone delivered, it’s battery was fully drained out. It took me around 2 hours for fully charging it, which proves that Edict claim of 2-2.5 hours for charging and is true.

I used it for around 2 hours straight at a volume of 50% and the battery dropped from 100% to 83% so it seems it will actually last for nearly 10 hours at medium volume.

Although, Edict could have given a larger battery capacity, you can’t really complain in this price range.

IMG 20200903 1525461

Basic functions of the integrated controls

  • Power on: Press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds. The blue and red light will flash alternatively indicating that it is turned on.
  • Play/Pause: Single Press the middle button
  • Volume up: Press the >| button
  • Volume down: Press the |< button
  • Next track: Press and hold the >| button
    Previous track: Press and hold the |< button
  • Voice assistant: Long press the middle button for 2 seconds to activate voice assistant
    Answer call: Single press the middle button
  • End Call: Single Press the middle button to end an ongoing call
  • Reject Call: Press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds to reject an incoming call
  • Redial: Double press the middle button to redial the last contacted number
  • Power off: Press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds to turn the headphone off, indicated by the LED getting switched off

I tried activating the voice assistant after long-pressing the middle button for 2 seconds but was unable to activate the Google assistant. I have tried to do this several times but the voice assistant couldn’t be activated.

Pros and cons

Two types of connectivity options: Bluetooth and AuxBuild quality could have been better specially the plastic on the earcups
Ergonomically designed with comfortable padded earcupsBattery backup could have been increased
Great audio qualityLatency issue
Punchy bassVoice assistant couldn’t be activated


Personally, this is one of the best wireless headphones I’ve seen in this price range of Rs 1,299. The sound quality is great so you can easily ignore the plastic build quality of the earcups. The padding is also good so you’ll feel comfortable. And frankly speaking, I’m a person who forgets to charge his devices so for me having dual connectivity option is a boon.

The only downside is that while using it in Bluetooth mode you’ll face some latency issues.

boAt’s sub-brand Edict has ticked almost all the right boxes on the audio quality part in their very first wireless headphone launch. There is just some issue with Bluetooth mode. So, hoping to see some other great audio devices by Edict in the future.

If you liked this Edict EWH01, then don’t wait and order it from Amazon right away cause you can’t get anything better for Rs 1,299. Buy from here:

Do check out:

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Build quality
Audio quality
Battery backup


The audio quality is great but in Bluetooth mode, you'll find some latency issue. If you wish to use the AUX mode more often then you can definitely buy the Edict EWH01 for just Rs 1,299.
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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The audio quality is great but in Bluetooth mode, you'll find some latency issue. If you wish to use the AUX mode more often then you can definitely buy the Edict EWH01 for just Rs 1,299.Edict by boAt EWH01 on-ear wireless headphone review: One of the best on-ear headphones for just Rs 1,299

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