Samsung Pay Card is available in the UK, will support both credit and debit cards

In the name of technology advancements and cashless transactions, we have come a long way. We all use our online transaction methods like Google pay or amazon pay and also with the traditional debit and credit cards. Now the Samsung Pay Card will be a new edition in this family.

It seems to be a physical card like debit or credit card by its name. But it is not. It is totally a virtual card that can be used by Samsung users. This card can be used by the Samsung Pay app.

Using procedure

It is a powerful card and one can add his credit cards, debit cards (multiple Master cards or VISA) for banking. You will just need to select the right card for your transaction and everything will be done. You can go wherever you want without any hard cash.

But if you pick the wrong card, there is nothing to worry about. You can simply go back to your transaction and you can change your transaction card. Also, there is a “Timeline View” which gives you the total history of your transactions. You can get a complete overview of your payments. So this is very much user friendly and anyone has banking cards and Samsung Pay app he or she can take this opportunity of fast and secure payments.

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This is not the end of its advantages. This card also offers currency conversion at mid-rate whenever you are traveling abroad. As it is supported by Master Card it is accepted almost anywhere. If you use this card you can also get 5% cashback in Samsung item purchases from (valid until the end of this year).


Whenever we are looking for these types of online payments, the first thing that hits in our mind is security. How much safe our money on this card? Is there any chance of fraud? These are the most common questions regarding this issue. There is only one answer to those questions. Your money will be protected by Samsung Knox itself. So there is almost no chance of online fraud.

Extra Feature

You can use Samsung Pay Card by your Samsung Smartwatch too. For both the cases (Phone usage and smartwatch usage) you will get the protection of Samsung Knox.

This Samsung Pay Card is now available in the UK (United Kingdom). But very soon the whole world will get the chance to use this magnificent pay card by Samsung.


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