Cyber Attack in Canada: 9,000+ government accounts hacked

The Canadian government authority disclosed that recently so many government accounts used for the government services in the country were hacked during cyber attacks. As per the press release by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the hackers mainly targeted the GCKey services that are used by 30 federal departments and Canada Revenue Agency accounts.

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The authorities mentioned 9,041 GCKey account holder’s usernames and passwords “were acquired fraudulently and used to try and access government services,”. All these hacked accounts, currently, has been disabled.

Cyber Attack in Canada- 9,000+ government accounts hacked -

Besides that, 5,500 more accounts of the Canada Revenue Agency were also in the target list. Later, these accounts have been suspended to protect the data of the taxpayers.

The investigation is already in progress by the government and the federal police to figure out whether there are any breaches or not, and other things.

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As per the CBC, from the beginning of this August Canadians are reporting that their banking information which are associated with Canada Revenue Agency accounts has been altered.


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