Google Pixel officially rumored to launch on Google I/O 2020 event but it got canceled due to coronavirus pandemic. But we have been receiving many renders of the Google Pixel 4a and we know exactly how the phone will look like.

A few days back the official website of Google had involuntarily revealed the image of Pixel 4a in a different context. Thus we got confirmed the design of the phone. and now Google has finally shared this image hinting the launch of a new product and we know exactly what they are going to launch on August 3.

Now if you head to the new Google Store page you will get to see some puzzles based on ‘lorem ipsum’ and other stuffs. Then if you solve the puzzle the August 3 date will come up including a sentence “The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”. We have no idea what the brand is trying to do, but be pretty sure and see what we are reporting with the time. We will notify exactly what Google is upto.

There is also another word like “longlastingis batterum” and what do you think what could it be? We think there might be some improvements in the battery saving tech. It is already known to us Google has not favoured a good battery life for the ‘a’ devices. Do you think this time it will be make a difference?

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