The International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition – DIC EXPO 2020 in short is currently live in Shanghai, China. It started yesterday (22nd July) and will end tomorrow (24th July). Here, the Chinese display maker BOE Technologies showcased lots of its new display technologies. The list includes flexible AMOLED, Mini-LEDs, and under-screen cameras.

Mini LED Technology:

Among all the technologies, the most attractive one is the Mini LED that is built with diodes of smaller than 0.2 mm. This technology is capable of providing better contrast ratio and deeper blacks if you compare it with LCD panels of regular LEDs.


Two display panels are revealed of size 15.6 inches and 27 inches with Mini LED. These two can generate more pure and natural display effects along with an ultra-high million-level contrast ratio.


The main reason for developing this technology is to reduce dependency on Samsung. So, the local Chinese manufacturers are focusing on it. Besides, there are also rumors saying Apple is planning to go with this Mini LED Technology to tackle the OLED burn-in problem on its upcoming products and to enhance the durability.


Under Display Camera:

Another interesting technology that is displayed in the DIC EXPO 2020 is a flexible screen with Under Display Camera. Due to this technology, the trend of displays with a notch or punch-hole design may obsolete.

BOE Under Display

3D Face Recognition Technology:

BOE displayed a 3D face recognition technology that is implemented under the display. As per them, it will offer a smarter and convenient way to unlock your gadget with face detection.

Other Technologies:

Apart from all, there is also a 32:9 ultra-wide OLED curved display, an outer folding screen, a flexible OLED display having thin bezel, and 8K BD cell displays with 75-inch and 110-inch size.


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