It comes to know that LG is taking an initiative to bring a new ultralight wearable AR glass and it might be launch next year. Reports of the ETNews are saying that sources revealed LG is joining hands with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo to develop the “very light” AR Glasses. The new glasses may weight around 79.38 grams. Though it is lighter than the currently available AR and VR Glasses, still, it is heavier than a normal pair of eyeglasses.

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As per the reports, both the companies LG and NTT DoCoMo are currently on a discussion about the glass and under the process to finalize the features. This is not the first time, the two companies already tied up previously to work on 5G, as well as LTE networking technology.

Keeping all the details in suspense, LG declined to comment on it currently. Though the weight is leaked, a lot of things are there to know. For example, the reason behind the lighter weight. We can guess blindly that all the calculations and analysis may be done by a smartphone’s processor connected to it or some other external device. For the exact explanation, we can only wait for now.


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