Most of the smartphones in the market are with either iOS or Android and for the feature phones, the KaiOS is currently on-trend. Its functionalities are smarter than feature phone OSes after all, as it bridges the smartphone OS and feature phone OS.

The search giant, Google is quite a long time with this KaiOS and also invested $22 million in it. As a result, the OS already supports so many of its services like Google Maps, Google Assistant, YouTube. Apart from that, there is also Facebook and WhatsApp support.

Google Lens on

Now, Google officially posted that it enables Google Lens into the Google Assistant of KaiOS based feature phones. To use that, the users need to wake up the Google Assistant by pressing the center button with a mic icon for a long time and select the camera icon. After that, the user just has to point the phone camera to any text to read that or translate to some other languages. At present, the supported languages are English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil. Google will add two more languages – Kannada and Gujrati support in it.

Besides working on KaiOS, Google also announced its partnership with Jio to develop entry-level smartphones. For that Google invested $4.5 billion for an equity stake of 7.73%.


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