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Saving your poker bankroll – Tips from the experts

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Popular poker players constantly admit that it becomes hard for them to maintain their online poker bankroll. If a player is a consistent winner in poker, maintaining a bankroll should not be tough. It is surprising how many popular
and successful players complain about it.

Being on a poker roll and maintaining it requires a lot of discipline and proper planning. In this article, we will be covering 5 tips on how to not go beyond your poker bankroll, no matter how engaging the game could be.

What is poker bankroll?

In the simplest of ways, your poker bankroll is what you set aside to wager in your poker game. It should not be your mortgage money, bank account balance, or the money for paying your bills. It is purely the money you set aside
for playing poker.

It is important to decide how much you are willing to spend on playing poker. You might have $1000 in your bank, but only wish to use 20% for poker. In the same way, your bankroll maybe $100, but you can decide to put only $50 with
the online casino. Rest can be kept safely in your account. You get to decide how to manage your bankroll, no matter how you do it. You can read more about bankroll here.

1. Playing within your roll

Nobody can stress this enough! It is necessary to play within your bankroll otherwise, you might just go broke. When you are playing poker online, you are literally playing against the world. In that order, it is the world’s bankroll
against yours. So, invariably you are playing against the world’s infinite bankroll.

Here’s a scenario to broach on. You have a coin flipping event, and you are against a player that has an infinite bankroll. At some point after a few events, you run out of money to bet, but that isn’t the case with the other player. This is a zero-sum event, where the player with a finite bankroll is at a disadvantage.

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If you are someone who wins constantly, you will be sure to replenish your depleting bankroll soon. However, if you’re a beginner playing at online casinos in India, you need to stick to budgets and bankrolls.

2. Taking the game seriously

It will take a few attempts to get into the mode of playing poker with focus. Some players even play while watching a movie or doing other chores, but it’s best to keep close attention to the game when you’re a beginner.

No matter how you play the game, you need to have a strong ability to think on your feet. If you are not giving your best, there is a high probability that you might not win at all. You need to remember that if you are playing for money,
every decision and every move matters. The more mistakes you make, the more you will lose money.

  • Do not play out of boredom: If you play poker when bored, you might not be able to give it your best. Sit to play poker with your bankroll only when you can and wish to give your best
  • Eliminate all distractions: If a movie distracts you, shut it down. Plan your poker sessions so that you do not get disturbed or get distracted. It is a helpful tip for long run poker play at online casinos in India.

3. Setting up a stop-loss and stop-win limit

Setting up limits is a casino game strategy that many poker players use to stop when necessary. When you are playing poker, you tend to get lost in the game and end up playing a lot more than you planned. A lot of casino and poker experts suggest that you set a budget limit before sitting at a table.

Before sitting for a game, you should tell yourself, “No matter whether I win or lose, once I have spent Rs. 500 on this table, I am walking away.” Setting limits and reminders can help you maintain your bankroll for longer.

Players also need to set a limit to the winning amount. Once you start having a winning streak, you want to play more and earn more. There’s a good chance that after winning two games, you bet a little higher and win that too.

This might go on for one or two games, but you will eventually lose. In that case, to prevent yourself from losing significant money or chasing your losses, you need a limit. You may decide not to increase your bets after two wins or quit playing after three wins or so. You may even stop playing after facing one loss after a series of wins. Your limits depend on you, but they should help you in maintaining your bankroll.

Bottom Line

In the end, setting limits and constantly checking yourself will help you. You need to build discipline and stop betting when you need to. In order to encourage safe gambling practices, many online casinos in India have come up with new features. One of them suggests placing a limit on how much money you can use for playing. Once you use the feature, the online casino will not let you bet any more. Arm yourself with the right tools and limits and enjoy gambling!

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