Samsung Galaxy M41 has passed through China’s 3C revealing its battery capacity. The smartphone was rumored to be postponed by the company and in place of the M41 it was said that the M51 will take over instead. The 3C certification for the Galaxy M41 was been published on 28th June.

The 3C certification is issued on last 28th of June. It shows that the smartphone will pack in a 6,800mAh battery. The battery size will be huge, needless to say, the smartphone size will be bigger in case of thickness. The smartphone will be more heavy, even slightly heavier than the Samsung Galaxy M31. There’s also a photo of it on the Safety Korea website.

There is no concrete news about the smartphone but according to the previous experience, we can say that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy M41 is going to launch soon. Though the company has not revealed any information about this device still we know it will be launched soon.

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Cover Image credite: Pigtou and OnLeaks

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