The most popular mobile game has just made a new record in terms of revenue this time, earning a lifetime revenue of a whopping 3 Billion US Dollars. The figure isn’t surprising at all considering the fact that the game is ultra-popular across the globe for quite some time now but the interesting fact is that it doubled its lifetime revenue in the last 7 months.

According to the data by Sensor Tower, the major bump in its revenue comes from its revamped Game For Peace mobile game in China. The two games have accumulated $1.3 billion in 2020 alone, with a revenue peak of $270 million in March 2020 when actually the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns totally brought everyone to their homes.

PUBG Mobile doubles its revenue in 7 months with a record $3 Billion lifetime revenue

When compared to other battle royal games, in the first half of 2020, PUBG Mobile gained revenue more than four times than its competitor Garena Free Fire which earned $300 million so far this year. Even Call of Duty: Mobile made only $220 million in revenue to date in 2020. So, it’s pretty clear how PUBG Mobile has engaged its users and knows how to generate revenue from users.

This major revenue is achieved with the Chinese version of the game i.e. Game For Peace which alone gained $1.6 billion on China’s App Store alone or 52% of the total. The United States ranks No. 2 in terms of revenue with about 14% of revenue, while Japan comes third with 5.6%.

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The China’s App Store has made up chunks of revenue, accounting for 79% of all player spending, on the other hand, the Google Play Store accounts for just 21% of the lifetime revenue. Although, Google Play Stire accounts occupy a huge share of downloads at 65% of all installs, while the App Store represents just 35% of the total. This shows how popular the game is in China and why Tencent rebranded it to make Billions of Dollars in a year or so.

If the number of downloads / installs are to be taken, both PUBG Mobile and Game For Peace have made a combined total of 734 million downloads globally. Unsurprisingly, India holds the crown with most number of downloads accounting to 175 million or 24% of the total, followed by China with 16.7% of all downloads, and the U.S. ranking third with just 6.4% of all downloads.

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