Is Betting Legal in India?

Is Betting Legal in India?

Betting and gambling is one of the most popular ways of entertainment and earning money easily. On the one hand, it is considered as the legal activity in most of the countries such as the United States, Monaco, Germany, Singapore,

While in India, there is a heavy restriction on gambling and betting except for horse racing and lotteries. To understand the whole thing, let’s dive into gambling laws in India.

The Public Gambling Act, 1867

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is a central law that prohibits the operation of any type of public gambling house and being in charge of the same. If someone found violating this law, the penalty is Rs. 200 or imprisonment of up to 90 days or both. With this, it also restricts visiting any gambling house in the country.

Nowadays, online betting India is gaining huge popularity day by day due to its specific features that give you an amazing experience anytime and anywhere. Yes, you guessed it right. There is nothing mentioned about online betting in the Public Gambling Act, 1867. 

Hence, according to the law books, it is not illegal to place your bets online in India. But wait, to make sure that it is legal betting India or not, we should know about the law that talks about the digital world.

Is Betting Legal in India?

The Information Technology Act, 2000

The Information Technology Act provides a legal structure for electronic governance by including digital signatures and electronic records. With this, it also talks about cybercrimes like phishing, hacking, etc. and the penalties related to it.

The law that talks about the internet world doesn’t have anything related to online betting India or gambling. Therefore, online betting and wagering are not illegal in India. These facts cannot be hidden from the offshore operator, which is why they invite Indian citizens to place bets on different sports and earn money easily.

Many operators are accepting Indian rupees as deposit and offering the best betting odds in India. You should know that the better odds bring greater money, or if you are a beginner in the betting world, you can start your journey by signing up on Parimatch. Parimatch is an online betting and casino games service provider that has recently set its feet in India.

The operator made its debut in 1999 in the online betting and gambling world. Since then, it is on the mission of providing the punters and sports enthusiasts an enhanced experience of the casino games and 20 different games of the world. 

It has the certified games that are made up of amazing graphics and come with realistic sound. These features of the games make you feel like you are enjoying the game in the stadium rather than sitting on your couch.

Is Betting Legal in India?

Role of Parimatch in Legalization of Betting in India

Parimatch is a ‘Cyprus’ based company that doesn’t only have the license of Curacao but also keeps multiple valid permits to provide services in different countries. 

Now, the Parimatch India is putting efforts to legalize betting India by discussing the matter with the concerned authorities. There are the following special features of Parimatch –

  • Great Betting Odds

You might not believe it, but you should know that Parimatch is probably the only website on the internet that offers the greatest betting odds to its players.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

What if you are a beginner on the online betting website, and you have made a blunder? Don’t worry, thousands of customer care executives are ready to help you anytime on Parimatch.

  • Live Streaming

While playing on Parimatch, you don’t have any need to install any streaming application for watching the live game. The operator also gives you access to multiple events and matches on the mobile app.

The Final Words

The legalization of betting will bring huge revenues to the state governments as it is a state-subject to lift the ban from betting and gambling. 

As you know that it is not a crime to place bets on your favorite sports team and player, it’s time to earn some money in three steps only. Go, sign up on the site, and place the bets.

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