Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia has been there for quite a long time and will soon complete a year. Though it has faced its own issues and some criticism among gamers but it seems Google is improving itself day by day, making its user experience even better.

Previously, Stadia for Android brought support to OnePlus smartphones officially and the first version of the mobile touch controls. Now, Google’s most recent update to Stadia for Android brings some interesting features and till now, if you wanted to play any Stadia games on your Android device, you had to connect the controller with a cable.

But now with the v2.23 of the Stadia program, it currently supports wireless connection with the Stadia controller as well. In addition to this, until now Stadia only had support for portrait surfing and so players could not really play games as comfortably as they’d like. Fortunately, this is another thing which has been fixed.

The most recent update to the program brings support for surfing Stadia in landscape mode as well. With the newest update, players won’t need to switch directly between portrait and landscape orientations. These two key changes will help gamers to fully enjoy their gaming experience on smartphones as well.

In the end, the notion of Stadia is based on making gaming as easy as it could be. Google has been rolling out upgrades and improvements in Stadia since launching and although progress has been slow, the business is getting there for sure. Obviously, Indian gamers are still waiting for Google Stadia’s availability in the country, which surely will be addressed by Google in the days to come.

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