Max J is one of the most renowned tipsters who gave us an idea about a truly wireless earphone from OnePlus that is in development. He had shared this news a few weeks ago, and recently he has shared another interesting news related to this TWS earphone. he had shared an image in his official twitter account that shows the schematic diagram of the OnePlus TWS earphone along with its name. The upcoming rumored TWS from OnePlus will be named “OnePlus Buds”.

OnePlus Buds had recently been in talks and yesterday Max.J a famous tipster had tweeted an image which shows the black colour of the OnePlus Buds. He showed the design earlier in the form of an outline schematic diagram, but now he has shown the black colour version, but in mockup version.

The previous design that Max.J showed was more like the Apple Airpods but this time with the black colour version it seems the design is reminiscent of the current OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 with the concentric brushed aluminum back. 

There is no news about the launch of the same. We anticipate that these buds will be launched with the OnePlus Z/Lite in the month of July. BUt as there is no concrete information about the launch we have to proceed with the assumption that the launch is nearing soon.

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