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A touchless mechanism for Cash Withdrawal from ATM is in works

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One of the leading end-to-end cash and digital payment solution & automation technology providers of India, AGS Transact Technologies Limited is testing a Touchless mechanism for Cash Withdrawal from ATMs. Need to say, the AGSTTL has installed and is maintaining and managing more than 72,000 ATMs nationwide. Besides, it also provides customized solutions to the leading banks of India.

As the coronavirus spreads from contacts, while using an ATM it’s very hard to know if the previous user was corona positive or not. Sanitize the machines all time with a great frequency is very hard to maintain. To provide the solution, the AGSTTL comes forward and presents us the touchless way to withdraw money from ATMs.

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To implement this method, only a software update is enough. No need to change the machines on the field. The company is currently providing demos to interested banks. Have a look at the process.

Touchless Cash Withdrawal Process

The only prerequisite is the mobile app of your bank.

  • Open the mobile app of your bank and go for the QR Cash Withdrawal option
  • Enter the withdrawal amount
  • Scan the QR code displaying on the ATM machine
  • Click ‘proceed’ to confirm the amount
  • Put the mPin or the pin, on your phone, you usually enter to authenticate yourself while withdrawing cash
  • Collect the cash and receipt

During the entire process, you need to interact with the ATM machine only two times. First, to scan the QR code and for the second and last time to collect the cash.

This is a very much admirable invention by AGSTTL. We hope, this process comes out successfully from the testing process and got implemented all over India as soon as possible.

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